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Why Join the SCCA?

Joining the SCCA has numerous benefits. Locally, you receive reduced entry fees at local Solo events, plus you are eligible to attend our Solo driver schools and compete in the National Tour, Divisional, and Pro Solo events (these are all member only activities).

There are also great benefits provided by the national office. For more about those, click here.

Before you join you will need to know what region to join, and what the local dues are.

The web site serves the Solo community for 2 regions of the SCCA.

  • Colorado Region (aka COR or Region 8) covers the Denver and northern Colorado area south to (and including) Castle Rock.
  • Continental Divide Region (aka CDR or Region 109) covers the southern Colorado area including Colorado Springs and Pueblo.

Both regions are part of the Rocky Mountain Division. (For more information about region locations, click here.) Annual regional dues for the Colorado Region are currently $20 (10 for a spouse and 25 for a family membership) and for the Continental Divide Region they are $15 (5 for spouse and 20 for a family membership). These dues are added to the national dues when you become an SCCA member.

For more information about joining the SCCA and membership forms, visit the national SCCA membership page at