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Thread: Obutto Racing cockpit sale!

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    Obutto Racing cockpit sale!

    Main Performance PC currently has their Obutto racing cockpit for sale for the next few days.

    With a coupon code you can get 20% off retail. Additionally, if 2 people buy the price goes down by $30 per cockpit and shipping can be split 2 ways making the total cost of the cockpit about $430. Basically it would be like not paying for shipping charges. Shipping is super expensive due to the weight for this cockpit can reach $200 depending on what is bought.

    This cockpit is super sturdy and won't wiggle or move even with rapid movements. I'm going to get one before the sale ends and wanted to see if anyone else wanted to take advantage of this sale. That way we can get an extra $30 of the cockpits and save on shipping as well. Please reply to this thread if interested.
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    God I wish I had room for one of these. Had one at the kart track in Cincy and LOVED it.

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