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Thread: Hard Top and OE Spoiler!??!?!?!

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    Hard Top and OE Spoiler!??!?!?!

    Ok this is a 2 part question... First my car, SSM Convertible. It was never offered with a hard top in the US market but in other markets it was. So is it legal to add a Hardtop(of any material)!? And if i can run a hardtop can i remove my soft-top entirely!?

    Same thing. ES Spyder, has OEM spoiler but it was never offered in the US market but in other markets. Is this spoiler legal for Street class??
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    The spoiler would not be legal in Street, I am confident. A hard top without removing the soft top should be no problem, you are adding a comfort and convenience item without reducing weight. Removing the soft top would be a question for the smarter folks that live with SSM rules....

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    Agreed with Matt on the ES car. On the SSM car the soft top can't be removed. The Miata's get it from update/backdate from the 2003 Club model thats on the same line. The hard top is a good question. I would run without it regardless due to weight and it's location. A buddy of mine is building an SSM Spyder as well and he got one but for between event use.

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