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Thread: SSS Webinar

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    SSS Webinar

    If anyone would like to take the Solo Safety steward Class, one is being offered online by Paul Brown.

    See below if interested. We can always use more SSS's if you feel you fit the qualifications. Arnie coleman-9Our local SSS instructor) can give you some parameters to determine good SSS candidates.

    Please register for Solo Safety Steward Class on May 16, 2017 7:00 PM PDT (8:00 PM MDT) at:*

    This Solo Safety Steward (SSS) online class is the first formal step to become an SCCA-licensed SSS. This can also be used to renew or update your 3-year SSS/SSI license. The overall purpose is so we can continue having fun with our cars. The start time of the class is geared toward the western half of the US (8:00 PM MDT; 7:00 PM PDT).*

    Please be familiar with the Introductory Section, 1. Solo Events, 2. Course, 3. Vehicles, 4. Drivers and Classes, 5. Officials, and Appendix E - Solo Safety Steward Guidebook of the 2017 SCCA National Solo Rules beforehand.*

    After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.

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    I have received word that there is still room in this Webinar if anyone is still interested.

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    I believe there are still some spots open for you last-minute types. Safety is a good gig to work, and we can certainly use more! Webinar is tonight, though, so the fuse is short!
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