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Thread: Welcome to SCCA RMSolo!

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    Welcome to SCCA RMSolo!

    Welcome to RMSolo! Here are a few tips to help you get the most out of your first autocross:

    You must have a valid driver’s license to participate. You cannot drive with an expired or suspended license.

    The 2017 SCCA Solo Rules can be found at You can find our local rules, classes and other practices specific to RMSolo in the Supplemental Rules at

    Your car number and classification must be legible to ensure you are given proper credit for your runs. Vehicle Identification rules can be found at Numbers and class letters for most classes can be printed out at Just print the pages (or cobble together the correct ID from what’s available) and tape them securely to your car door with blue 3M Painters Tape.

    Arrive at the event site early: the schedule for the event at Check in as soon as you arrive to validate your membership and driver’s license, pick up a course map and get your work assignment. Solo is an all-volunteer event: everyone who drives has a work assignment. Your runs will be disqualified if you don’t work. NOTE: Special work assignments are available for those with limited mobility; email Stephen Kohn at if you need assistance.

    Come to the starting line to attend the Novice Meeting and Course Walk at 8:15 AM (9:15 for winter events). You’ll walk the course with experienced drivers to collect speed tips and keep you from getting lost on course. There will be a short drivers meeting following; don’t miss it!

    Minors: SCCA also requires that attending minors (17 years of age or younger) submit a separate minor waiver form when arriving on site. You can find the SCCA Minor Waiver at The waiver is good for the calendar year. Minors should NOT sign the adult waiver form at the gate, but proceed to check-in to submit the form.

    Before you leave, check the Announce Forum ( for any last minute changes to the event, especially for winter events.

    If you have any questions, my contacts are below. When you arrive, ask questions! We are a friendly bunch. I look forward to meeting you; find me near the white Cobra and introduce yourself!

    Clay Turner
    Continental Divide Region Novice Chief

    Factory Five Roadster/Wimbledon White
    190 CAMS
    719.338.3434 cell
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