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Thread: Team Autocross

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    Team Autocross

    I'm starting this thread to gauge interest in the unofficial Team Autocross competition that has been run (by member, not RMSOLO or the regions) for this year. With the loss of the forums & results db, some changes will need to be made.

    Quote Originally Posted by Randy Hickman View Post
    I've added a forum for Street Survival. There is probably a discussion that needs to be had about Team Autocross. Not about whether or not we're going to do it, but about HOW we're going to do it. In previous years, the results were pulled from a results database that no longer exists. (Another thing on my list.) Team Autocross has never been *officially* supported by RMSolo - it's a member-based side competition.

    I'm open to suggestions.
    First the results were never pulled directly from the db (though there was talk of doing that). Jago wrote a script to "scrape" the results from one of the posted formats (that pulled from the db).

    My suggestion is to add the forum (for team autocross). This will allow team captains to recruit and fill team rosters. Once we have the new "results" set-up (whether db or other format) we can decide how to pull the results. In the early days it was all done manually and tracked in Excel (an later Google Docs spreadsheet) before Jago wrote his script (that I'm hosting). I can probably dig up a set of rules (not the latest, but ones that were used at some point) as a starting point. Yarko may have a copy of the latest rules...

    In the meantime I think we can go back to the manual Excel/Google docs spreadsheet until we have a good way of pulling the result from the website (once that feature is available).

    This assumes that there is enough interest in continuing this (I suspect there is).
    Coach Mike
    '04 Audi Allroad
    Team Blackout

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    I'm still interested in team autocross. I can even help with data gathering/presentation. I was thinking google sheets would be a good/quick way to store the data.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MikeSquared View Post
    In the early days it was all done manually and tracked in Excel
    Makes me sound old. I pasted index results into excel, added some minor scripting, manually moved points to Teams spreadsheet, more scripts and saved team results to web server for access.
    Quote Originally Posted by MikeSquared View Post
    I can probably dig up a set of rules (not the latest, but ones that were used at some point) as a starting point. Yarko may have a copy of the latest rules...
    I have rules from April 27, 2009 at 3:38 pm, last time I made changes to them. Let me know if you can't find any newer and I can post this for your starting point.
    This would be the tenth year for running this competion, hope it continues.

    Hank Derr
    In Cheyenne
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    Go Silly Nannies, we can beat Team Black Out this year!

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    For anyone looking to revive the Team scoring here's last year's rules draft.

    We currently don't have access to old results for handicaps but maybe they'll be available soon, or soon after the season begins.

    Tyler Jago was running the script last year with Mike and me. not sure if it's going to run it this year.

    2016 Team Autocross Competition Rules

    A. Intent
    1. encourage drivers to attend events as a team
    2. allow drivers of different skill levels to help each other
    3. recognize driver improvement
    4. encourage some friendly competition between teams.

    C. Team Autocross Overview
    1. Series Champion Team wins the Metal Pylon Cup Trophy.
    2. Teams must have a Team Name and Team Captain.
    3. Minimum 5 drivers per team and a maximum of 15 drivers per team.
    4. Driver's score is based on driver improvement, so often a novice is of more value than an expert.
    5. This program is administered by the Team Autocross Steward

    D. Team Autocross Scoring to win the Metal Pylon Cup

    1. Definition: Driver's "Running PAX Average".
    a. Typically the "Running PAX Average" is the average of Points Event Score of the driver's last 3 Points Events, excluding any scores of 0 DNF, or 1 DNS,
    b. however, a driver that qualified in the prior year's RMSolo Championship Series will begin the series with that Qualified Pax Average instead.
    c. When there are less than 3 points events for a driver, the "Novice Average" will be used to complete 3 event scores, where "Novice Average" is the average PAX Points of all qualified novices in the prior series.
    - "Novice Average" is 879 for 2016.
    d. As they are scored, the 3 most recent Points Event scores from the current series will be used to calculate the "Running PAX Average."

    2. Definition: Driver's "Handicap"
    a. Driver's "Handicap" is a moving average as the driver completes events.
    a. each driver's "handicap" is calculated prior to each event,
    b. as 1000 minus the driver's "Running PAX Average".

    For example, a driver had a "Running PAX Average" of 850 pts., the driver's "Handicap" will be calculated as
    1000 - 850 = 150 pt. handicap.

    or for Example, a driver with a 999 "Running PAX Average" would have a 1 pt. "Handicap."

    3. Definition: Driver's "PAX-handicapped Score"
    a. is calculated for each event as the driver's Official PAX Event Points + the driver's "Handicap"
    for example a driver scores 847 Event Points and has a Handicap of 160; the driver's "PAX-Handicapped Score" is 1007 points
    b. Maximum "PAX-handicapped Score" is 1050 points.
    c. A PAX Points Event score of 0 DNF or 1 DNS will be scored, but will not be used in calculating the driver's "Running PAX Average".

    4. Each Team's event score will be the sum of the top 5 drivers "PAX-handicapped Score" from the active team roster.
    a. If less than 5 drivers scored an event the results will reflect it. The intent is that each team field at least 5 drivers at each event.
    b. Drivers' names must match exactly between the team roster and RMSolo registration/results for each event.
    if a driver is not showing a score please update the Team Autocross Steward with the driver's alias as it appears in registration..

    5. The Championship Series Champion Team
    a. is determined at the end of the series.
    b. Each Team's scores is summed from all of the team's series events scores.
    c. End-of-Series ties will be broken by awarding the championship to the tied team that had the most scored attendance.
    d. The Steel Pylon Cup will be awarded to the Champion Team at the awards banquet.
    e. The Champion Team will present the cup at the subsequent year's banquet.

    6. Team Autocross Steward will post results through the RMSolo website forum.
    a. results will be determined after official results are posted on
    b. If results on RMSolo are updated or republished, please notify the Team Autocross Steward, so results can be adjusted.
    c. Any grievance must be filed by a Team Captain by email to the Team Autocross Steward within 48 hours of the Team result being posted.
    e. The Team Autocross Steward shall have the right to determine the outcome of any grievance.

    7. Team Autocross Steward will make an attempt to post Team Standings, Rosters, and driver "Handicaps" on site at the start of each event.

    E. Team Captains and Team Autocross Steward.
    1. Teams are normally managed by a Team Captain.

    2. Team Captain is the official organizer for a team, and communicates to the Team Autocross Steward
    a. Registers the team name.
    b. Recruits new members for the team roster of 15.
    c. Add new members to roster
    - Team captain is a member on the roster.
    - new members can be added any time during the series.
    - additions to the roster must be made by captain to the coordinator by 9am of the event day to be scored on that day's event.
    - if added after 9am, the member will not be scored until the next event.
    - A driver from another team cannot be added until released by the original team's captain.

    d. Retires members from the team.
    - A Driver may drop from a team and should make an effort to notify the Captain.
    - A Captain may drop a driver at any time, but must make an effort to contact the driver before dropping.
    - Captain must attempt to notify the member before retiring the member from the team.
    - the dismissed members scores prior to retirement will remain on the teams score.
    - retiring a member will open a slot for a new member.
    - The dismissed member may be replaced with a new member.
    - A dismissed member cannot rejoin the same team later in the series.

    c. Poaching
    - Captains may recruit drivers from any existing teams, the original team captain must retire the driver upon request from the driver.
    - Drivers wishing to change teams may do a one-time switch between teams during the series.
    - Scores are not transferred.

    d. Drivers on a roster cannot be substituted by a non-roster driver at any time.

    e. Team Captain may transfer Captain to any driver on the team by giving notice to the Team Autocross Steward.

    3. Team manager must register and update team roster with means provided by Team Autocross Steward.
    a. in person, at event, before 9am.
    b. Email - timestamp on email we determine scoring eligibility.
    c. Team Roster Dashboard with secure account login (TBD)
    d. changes submitted by any other team member will be ignored.

    4. Before the start of the series, the Team Autocross Steward will post existing rosters from the prior year.
    a. Before the series starts, each team captain must notify the Team Autocross Steward that either
    - confirm: that the roster stands
    - update: any changes to the roster
    - dissolve: the team.
    b. If no status comes from the captain the Team Autocross Steward may disolve the team.

    5. After event Check-in, before the drivers meeting, The Team Autocross Steward may form free agent teams free agent teams.
    - At check-in any driver wanting to participate in team autocross may register on the free agent sheet.
    - Team name will be "Free Agents 1", "Free Agents 2", "Free Agents 3".
    - Team Autocross Steward will serve as administrative team captain, until a team member steps up as captain.
    - Once a captain is set then the team can choose a different name.

    6. Any team with less than 5 members may be dissolved by the Team Autocross Steward
    - team members may be assigned to a free agent team.

    F. Outside of these official rules, Teams may organize additional functions as they see fit to build the team's skills and camaraderie.
    This could include social outings, team logo stickers, team course walks, log books, team car tuning, team ride-alongs, coaching, etc.

    G. Team Autocross Winners

    2015 - Team Blackout
    Chris Gladu, David Gladu, Kelly Gladu, Sal Esposito, Jeffrey Hugo, Ian Farrell, Matthew Villescas, Allan Ladislao, Robert Godiciu, Ryan Oettinger, Keith Pizio, Fabian Castanon, Brent Robbins, Greg Paine, Dwight Dongog

    2014 - Team Blackout

    2013 -

    2012 -

    2011 -

    And 2016 winner was also Team Blackout.

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    We can do it!!! Just need a little more consistency out of the people we bring aboard!! Very Fast drivers tho

    Since it was run in a separate script are you guys able to post the rosters? i have no clue who was on my team besides a few
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    Silly Nannies!

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