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Thread: Coaching for Co-drives

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    Lightbulb Coaching for Co-drives

    For those that are new, I'm offering coaching in exchange for co-driving your car. I have recently acquired SoloStorm (data logging software with overlay capablities) which I feel will be a excellent tool in helping people.

    Reasons that this can be good for you:
    • This can take out the "car" in comparing yourself to others in your class (as a measure of progress) by having someone else driving the same car with the same setup.
    • I can offer tips and ideas on set-up for your car that can help as well as some wrenching (car development).
    • The data overlay feature of solostorm can help you identify those spots that are costing you time you didn't realize was there to be had

    Reason I am a good choice/fit:
    • I have instructed/coached numerous driving schools/Street Survival events
    • I have coached competitors in my own class to the point where they are better than I am (at least as far as points go
    • I have done single day to multiple day coaching with individuals over the past 2 seasons with those being coached commenting on how good it was & helped them improve.
    • I've driven just about every type of car from a Fiesta ST to a Ferrari F430 (turbo, NA, FR, MR, RR, FF, AWD/Quattro) on just about every type of (DOT) tire (750 treadwear all-seasons to Hoosiers).
    • I have driven in a variety of classes in cars at various prep levels for their class (from fully prepped stock/street class vehicles to under prepped Street Prepared cars).
    • I have learned from the masters (I co-drove with other Nationally competitive & championship drivers at local events and was able to compare my runs with them on SoloStorm) as well as taking an EVO class and RMSOLO's FastForward.

    My preference is to work with the same individual for a whole season, though am open to single events (one time commitments).

    Feel free to contact me via this thread, PM or email (you can initiate a PM or email by clicking on my username on the left).
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