I have a steel deck car trailer for sale. I've used it for many years - always works great. I put 2 new tires on this year, and 2 last year, and only about 1000 miles on it after that.

It has a removable front shield, a tongue box for tie downs, etc. It also has a 2500lb winch with a wireless remote that works perfectly for rolling non-running cars and trucks onto it. It can pull VW Buses with flat tires onto it, so if it's anything with aired up tires, it shouldn't be a problem. It has 8 tie down points on it, and steel deck ramps. I installed lights in front of and behind the fenders, so you can see the lights working, and in the dark, people are much more likely to see the turn signals flashing, etc.

The steel deck is AWESOME because you can use a jack on it, or caster wheel dollies etc. Plus, it will NEVER ROT OR WEAR OUT LIKE WOOD.

It is low to the ground, so it's perfect for race cars or lowered cars. Comes with a spare wheel and tire as well.