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Thread: Stepping Down . . .

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    Stepping Down . . .

    Please be advised that, effective immediately (actually a couple weeks ago!) and after more years than I can remember, I am retiring as Continental Divide Regions Solo Director. I've really enjoyed working in the role of Event Chairman, but my work, club and personal obligations have grown to a scale where there's just too much on my plate. Thank you for your awesome support and cooperation you've given me over the years. Clay Turner will be assuming the position. I'm sure you will continue to give him the great support you have given me. So, from now on, please direct all your CDR Solo inquiries to Clay (I'll still be available for free advice!).

    Arnie Coleman
    Colorado Region Novice Chief
    Continental Divide Region Solo Director
    Member, Continental Divide Region Board of Directors
    Member, SCCA Board of Directors (Area 8)
    Member, SCCA Foundation Board of Directors
    2002 Formula 500 Maverick, 46 FM
    2011 BMW Z4 35is, 24 ASP
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    Thanks for all you've done for our Solo program. You've been a great leader and innovator and we truly appreciate your contributions to our program.

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    Arnie, thanks for all the time you have committed to our community as well as all the effort you will be putting in as we go forward.

    Welcome Clay! I think you know what you are doing since you have done this in the past, so you also know what you are getting into. What are you thinking? Good Luck!

    66 STR
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    Co-Chief Equipment Setup
    Safety Steward
    Site Acquisition Team
    Street Survival Coach

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    Arnie, you’ve been an inspiration to us all as well as being the source of many, many bad jokes. You have always been generous with your time and we all appreciate your mentoring. I hope you have the time to get some well deserved rest as well as coming to run with us from time to time.

    Clay, thank you for stepping up, again, to a position you handled so well in the past. Looking forward to working with you.
    Stephen Kohn

    2001 BMW ///M Roadster
    Titanium Silver
    7 STR
    Team Oddball

    Co-Chief Equipment Setup Colorado Region
    Co-Chief Equipment Setup Continental Divide Region
    Special Needs Coordinator
    SCCA Registrar
    Safety Steward
    Site Acquisition Team
    Street Survival Coach
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    Arnie, thank you for so many years and so much energy and commitment that you've put into making this happen for all of us! You've been a tremendous asset to the club and all of its members!

    Welcome Clay! I know you'll do a great job!
    53 FSP
    RatHammer Motorsports
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    Arnie, thanks for all the time and energy you've dedicated to the club over the past years. Great job!! It will be good for you to have a little extra time.

    Clay thanks for taking the reins, the wagon is in good hands.

    ... Jim W

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    Thanks for all the hard work you've put in through all the years Arnie!
    Suraj Pradhan
    What line?

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    You deserve a break Arnie.

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    Thank you Arnie, really appreciate all you do for us.

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    Thank you for all that you've done Arnie!
    Jeff Tattershall 23 STS

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