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Thread: Broken Car

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    Broken Car

    I think I just broke my car hit a chunk of concert on Academy blvd. IMG_1470.jpgIMG_1474.jpg
    May come in different and class car I don't know yet.

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    How do you drop the race for myself and my son so we don't get charged or is it to late for that?

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    Try contacting Clay Tuner (our leader for Sunday's event). I'm sure, with the issues you are having, you will get a refund. Just make sure you let him know as soon as possible. BTW, he is working the T&T today.

    I just looked and he doesn't have any contact info in the "Contacts" link (, so let Iain Mannix (Registration) and/or Bob Klingler (Treasurer) know your situation just to document it and they should get in contact with Clay or Arnie to have your refund approved.

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    Sorry to hear of your problem. Hope you get it fixed, but not to worry if you can't make it on Sunday. Event no-shows do not get charged entry fees.

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    Clay = 719-338-3434
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