Here's the tentative schedule for tomorrow's Test & Tune at Pikes Peak International Raceway:
6:30a Gates Open
7:00a Registration Opens
7:00a—8:30a Tech In Grid (All)
7:30a–8:30a Course 1 Opens for Walking
7:30a–8:30a Scales Open for Weighing
8:30a–8:45a Drivers Meeting
9:00a Group A, Heat 1 (3 Runs)
Group B, Heat 1 (3 Runs)
Switchover to Course 2/Course Walks
Group A Heat 2 (3 Runs)
12:00p Lunch Break (David Fauth)
1:00p Group B, Heat 2 (3 Runs)
Group A, Fun Runs
Group B, Fun Runs
3:30p Tear Down Course (All)

This event format is new, so the schedule after 9a is tentative; we hope to get 3 heats finished before lunch, but that may be ambitious. You can help us stay on schedule, and hopefully get our runs done in the dry, by hustling to your work assignment. Thank you in advance for your help. Drivers will get only 3 runs each in Heats 1 and 2; Courses will be open for walking for a short time before both heats. Lunch is provided by RMSolo/Short Stop.

IN CASE OF RAIN: Slow done some. It nearly always rains in Lincoln, but hardly ever here, so we will run unless lightning drives us off the lot. Take advantage of the teachable moment.

Everyone works. Please stay to put away the equipment so we don’t heap that responsibility upon an unfortunate few.

Scales will only be open from 7:30a–9:00a for weighing. Sound will be measured in Heat 1, but no penalties enforced.