The stock 210,000+ mile engine in my Civic seems like it doesn't have much time left (goes through about 1 quart of oil a week).

I'm assuming that my only real option engine-wise is just to rebuild the stock engine (or find a replacement). I'd like to swap a B16+LSD into the car, I don't care about power, but I'd like something with a bit more character, but this would put the car into SMF which I'm assuming would be bad for me as I'm beginning and trying to learn.

I'm thinking I'll just keep the stock 102 hp engine and stay in STS. That way I can learn with a low power car and stay in a class I could maybe be competitive in someday. Any thoughts? Just trying to brainstorm options. I mean I could get a different car, but I have a lot of money invested into this chassis (and I really enjoy it too).