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Thread: Help with a bum starter (maybe?)

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    Help with a bum starter (maybe?)

    Posting for a friend...

    1972 Valiant Scamp. 225 ci slant six. New starter, new battery. Engine was fine as of a couple weeks ago. Connections seem fine. One (exactly one) click, then, nothing. Doesn't try to crank. Headlights, radio, etc. work.

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    Crank those battery terminals like they owe you money. Make sure the negative post to frame is connected to clean metal, and same for the engine ground strap or straps. Finally check the 12v feed and solenoud pilot wire for snugness.

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    What Hardline said. Kind of a quick check of the ground is to turn on the headlights and then hit the starter. If the headlights go out when the starter is trying to do something, the ground is your most likely issue. Especially if the headlights go out and do not turn back on when the ignition switch is released.

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